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8 months ago

The Irby Tract

$ 1,718,607.00

The 627 acre Irby Tract has many uses that allow it to generate multiple streams of revenue. The first and most significant revenue is the tract’s 327+ acres of prime farm land. The soils and slopes are ideal for cotton and peanuts. Its second potential income stream is from 220.5 acres of merchantable woodlands which are primarily planted pine and about 95 acres of natural pine and hardwood. The third stream of potential income is a hunting lease. The tract’s proximity to food resources and plentiful water, along with the 78 acres of bottom land, provide an excellent habitat for white-tail deer. There are two parcels totaling 111 acres a few miles north of the main body of the tract at the intersection of Hwy 52 and 95, just west of Columbia, AL. In addition to farm lease income, these two parcels have excellent commercial potential due to its location at a very busy intersection.

The property owners are willing to split the tract into 6 separate parcels for sale should a buyer not have a need for the entire 627 acres. Please contact a Southern Forestry Realty agent for details and pricing.

Located just north of Gordon, Alabama on Highway 84, the Irby tract is no more than 30 minutes from Dothan and less than 45 minutes from Donalsonville, Georgia.

Lat/Lon: 31.220332, -85.153443

Houston County, Alabama
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