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4 months ago

Sumlar Tract

$ 286,580.00

The Sumlar Tract has a wide variety of potential uses for the buyer looking for outdoor recreational opportunities in an affordable purchase. Totaling 161 acres, the Sumlar Tract offers excellent hunting for both whitetail deer and ducks. The property has a 60+ acre cypress pond that makes for excellent duck habitat and appears to hold a good number of fish. Located on the property is a 2100+ sq ft lodge built in 2000. The lodge has four bedrooms and three baths. The lodge has a full drive-in basement with adequate ceiling height to accommodate a small tractor/vehicles and is ideal for storage of four-wheelers, hunting stands and any other equipment you want to keep out of the elements. The majority of the property consists of 85 acres of primarily natural hardwood and pine. These woodland areas make up the bulk of the tracks wildlife habitat and hunting acreage.

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