Advantages of Selling through Southern Forestry Realty

Matching Sellers with Buyers

We continuously update our list of qualified buyers and the criteria they are searching for. We match your property with their criteria in order to provide you with as many potential buyers as possible.

Presentation is Key

Potential buyers want to know all they can before seriously considering a property. Southern Forestry Realty prides itself on collecting and presenting all of the information necessary to promote your property well. Detailed maps include topography, soil, location and aerial. We will also break down your acreage to list all of its positive attributes and possible income sources, such as timber, irrigated land, pecan orchards, pasture and leasing potential.

In order to present your property in the best possible way, Southern Forestry Realty offers professional presentations that include high resolution photographs, maps and all of the information buyers are looking for when researching properties. The presentation is then available for print, as well as on our website, which users can download directly to their computer.  Examples are available on our Properties page.

Keeping Your Property Top-of-Mind

In an effort to keep your property in front of potential buyers, every week we email those who have signed up for our listings newsletter, a one-page information email highlighting a chosen property. Emails are an ideal way to notify buyers of new listings and price changes or updates on properties.
Southern Forestry Realty will also list your property on nationally-oriented, land-specific websites that reach a vast audience of potential buyers. We also provide tract-specific signs that we place on your property, including anything from a standard 18×24 “yard” sign to a 4’x4′ or larger highway sign, depending on what works best for the site.

A Strong Network of Relationships

Southern Forestry Realty has over twenty years in the real estate business. As a result, we have built and maintained an extensive network and client base, including private and public investors, timber companies, land brokers, local Georgia MLS, banks, financial advisers, CPA’s, attorneys and more. These individuals have clients who could be looking for what your property has to offer, or they may be interested themselves.

We Know the Market

In an effort to keep our clients informed, we maintain a database of qualified sales and listing of comparable properties in your area. We use this information to keep you up-to-date on market trends, as well as to help us assist you in making informed decisions about pricing your property.